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Pre-Calculus and Pre-Statistics Modules

Pre-Calculus Modules

The Pre-Calculus Modules for introductory calculus courses have been created to provide you with the opportunity to review, and to demonstrate mastery of, prerequisite material. Each module covers a key skill area from secondary school mathematics, up to and including topics covered in the Ontario Grade 12 Advanced Functions course (i.e., there are no questions requiring calculus itself).

Reviewing this material through the module program will not only earn you course credit towards your final calculus grade, but will also help you when completing course work such as problem/lab assignments and tests.

Students progress through a module's series of online assignments as independent self-study, using the MapleTA software.

Note: The marks earned by completing modules are non-transferrable from one course to another. How the marks earned are applied to each course may differ; check your course syllabus carefully. If you switch courses or have any questions regarding the module program, contact Tina Balfour.

Spring 2024

Pre-Statistics Modules

Pre-Statistics Modules can be incorporated into any introductory-level course on probability and statistics to provide students with an opportunity to review, and demonstrate mastery of, fundamental math skills required to be successful in such a quantitative course. Students progress through each Module’s series of online assignments as independent study, using the MapleTA software.

Contact Tina Balfour to learn how the modules can be integrated into your course.

Spring 2024