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Math Mentoring Program

The Math Mentoring Program is available on the Waterloo campus only.

The Math Mentoring Program has been designed to assist students who may be at risk of not meeting progression requirements for their program of study. In particular, priority is given to those who are repeating a required 100-level math course having earned a grade of 0 (either an F or XF) on the first attempt. Note that university regulations do not allow a course to be repeated more than once.

To be admitted to the program, students are required to complete the Math Mentoring Program Application Form to indicate their commitment to the program.

If accepted, the student will work with Mathematics & Statistics Learning Support (MaSt), agreeing to participate in weekly academic mentoring sessions, which include:

  • Two to three hours of small group study sessions per week, to obtain additional assistance with understanding course material and developing effective learning strategies specific to mathematics. Sessions are facilitated by a senior student math mentor.
  • Periodic meetings with staff from Math & Stats Learning Support to discuss overall progress in the program.

A program will be created for the student which will help:

  • Reinforce fundamental mathematics skills.
  • Develop effective learning and study techniques.
  • Clarify key concepts being taught in the course.

The math mentor will keep a journal on activities completed and general progress throughout the program. The student will be required to also complete an assessment of his/her own study techniques and progress on a regular basis, to discuss with the MaSt program coordinator.

There is no fee for participating in this program, and participation is voluntary. However, once started, if three sessions/meetings are missed, the student will be removed from the program.

The course instructor may be notified of the student’s participation in the Math Mentoring Program.

Sometimes, a little extra support and guidance is all that is required to help motivate and provide confidence to succeed. Over the past six years, many students have obtained this through the mentoring program.

If you have any questions about the Math Mentoring Program, or to apply, contact Tina Balfour.