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Academic Success Programs

Athlete Academic Success Program

The Athlete Academic Success Program (AASP) provides Laurier’s varsity athletes with academic assistance regarding learning strategies and study skills in a manner that accommodates their training and competition schedule so that they can achieve their full academic potential.

This program includes study halls to assist student athletes with their studying, and workshops to assist student athletes with their learning strategies and study skills development.

Athlete academic coaches are your fellow varsity athletes who achieve success both in the classroom and on the field of play.

Workshop content, times and locations will be discussed in study hall.

Academic Coaching for Athletes
  • You can arrange academic coaching appointments with your academic coach during study halls.
  • You can schedule appointments with a learning strategist through the Student Success Student Portal.

Note: You can track your attendance through the Student Success Student Portal.

BU121 Academic Success Program

Winter Term Only

In this four-part workshop series, students will identify their academic strengths and challenges and develop a plan for success in BU121. Students will explore and implement study strategies to learn course material in a way that increases comprehension and decreases the need to cram for tests. Topics covered in the workshop series include time management, metacognition, reading and note taking strategies, avoiding procrastination, and how to prepare, study, and write midterm and final exams. Students who complete all four workshops in this series are eligible to add the opportunity to their Laurier Experience Record.

Students enrolled in BU121 in Winter 2022 will be added to the BU121 Academic Success Workshop MyLearningSpace course prior to the first workshop in January 2022. 

Managing Your Time for Success in BU121

In this workshop, you will learn more about your academic strengths and challenges and start developing a plan to mitigate these challenges and set yourself up for success in BU121. This workshop will focus on time management strategies and how to have a strong start to your semester. We'll cover long term planning, weekly scheduling, and daily task management. 

Learning How to Learn

In this workshop, you will learn how to engage in proper active learning techniques and higher order learning. This workshop will focus on reading and note taking strategies that will help you to learn course material in a way that increases comprehension and decreases the need to cram for tests. 

Study Smarter Not Harder

In this workshop, you will learn about metacognition and how to study and prepare for different types of exam questions. We'll cover the active study cycle, Bloom's Taxonomy, and how to anticipate content on your assessments. 

Avoid Procrastination and Finish the Term Strong 

In this workshop, you will learn how to reflect on previous tests and use that reflection to prepare for future tests by adapting your study strategies. This workshop will also focus on identifying procrastination triggers and how to keep focus while studying. 

  • You will need: A computer, access to the Internet, access to MyLearningSpace.
  • Prior to the first workshop, you will be added to the BU121 Academic Success Workshop MyLearningSpace course.
  • Your eligibility to add the workshop series on your Laurier Experience Record will be determined at the end of the term. Students must attend all four sessions, actively participate, and complete the necessary activities to gain credit for the workshop series. 

GPA Program for Students Struggling Academically

Goals, Plans, Achievement (GPA) Program!

Have you recently had a difficult term and want to get back on track?

GPA Program support is designed to assist students improve their academic performance. Students can join the GPA Program at any point in the term.

If you think this sounds like the right level of support for you, email to inquire on how to get started!

Are you on Academic Probation? Removed from your Program?

Progressing Past Probation (P3) is an academic support program designed to help students to improve their academic standing. The P3 program will help you connect with academic advisors, academic support teams on campus, as well as financial health and wellness resources.

STEP Program for Mature and Transfer Students

Strengthening Transitions through Educational Preparation (STEP) Program

Laurier's Brantford campus welcomes mature and transfer students. You are encouraged to take advantage of all the resources Laurier has to offer throughout the year. In addition, we offer a special workshop series just for you. Registration is required for all workshops through the Student Success Portal.

You’re invited to register for a specialized support program developed for mature and transfer students. The STEP (Strengthening Transitions through Educational Preparation) Program is a free workshop that runs through Orientation Week. It is designed to help you prepare for the rigors of a university education, feel confident about your learning skills, and connect with other mature and transfer students. In a small group format, you will have the opportunity to discuss school-life balance, listening and note-taking, library research skills, reading strategies, preparing for exams, academic writing, personal goal-setting, and planning for year two.