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Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaches offer peer-to-peer support to help you navigate the transition to university. Our coaching team is made up of successful senior students that want to help you get off to a good start. Connect with a coach to help you build a study schedule, discuss note-taking methods, learn effective study strategies and more.

Coaches are available for:

One-on-one Appointments

  • Students can meet one-on-one with a coach for a 25-minute check-in appointment
  • Go to the Student Success Portal to book a First-Year Peer Academic Coaching or general Peer Academic Coaching appointment
  • Topics to chat about may include how to: create a useful schedule, reduce procrastination, read digital text effectively, take meaningful notes, study for exams or whatever questions are on your mind! 

Connect with our peer academic coaches when…

  • You are feeling overwhelmed.
  • You’re looking for study strategies and advice on how to succeed academically.
  • You need some extra help managing your schedule.
  • You want to chat with a senior student about life as a university student or to discover opportunities to get involved or volunteer in the Laurier community.

Peer Academic Coaching Session (PACS) Program

Winter term only

The PACS program is designed for first-year students to connect frequently with a senior peer academic coach and fellow first-year students to develop strong academic skills to succeed in university. Strategies and topics covered include time management, note taking, effective reading, test-taking, motivation, avoiding procrastination, and preparing for exams. PACS provides support through:

  • Weekly, small-group peer academic coaching sessions (PACS)
  • Connecting you to peers in your faculty and in the broader Laurier community
  • Individual academic coaching appointments with a first-year peer academic coach
  • Accountability and connecting frequently to discuss academic success 
  • Laurier Experience Record eligibility 
  • And much more!

Registration is now closed! Any questions can be directed to