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Nominate a faculty member for service excellence and community engagement

The Faculty Award for Service Excellence and Community Engagement recognizes full-time faculty and librarians who, in addition to teaching and scholarship, provide exceptional service leadership.

Particular attention will be paid to those with exemplary academic, professional, community and/or university service. Emphasis will be placed on those whose activities encompass one or more of the following activities:

  • ​Teaching and/or scholarship which is directly informed by outstanding service commitments and/or community outreach initiatives;
  • Collaboration that furthers the values and mission of Laurier in a demonstrably public way;
  • Mentorship of full-time and/or part-time faculty and/or staff.

The award is presented at spring convocation. The award recipient will be asked to speak at convocation.


Eligibility for nomination for the annual award is limited to full-time faculty and librarians who have been working at Laurier for a minimum of two years.

​Criteria for Nomination

Consideration will be given to faculty and librarians who currently demonstrate exceptional academic, professional and community and/or university service. Evidence must support that their service has contributed to the advancement of the university’s mission, vision and academic plan and that the service activities have demonstrably enhanced teaching, scholarship and/or public influence.

Contributions to the university community include, for example:

  • Outstanding service on university and faculty association committees;
  • Leadership in academic administration;
  • Contributions to the intellectual and cultural life of the campuses;
  • Mentorship of colleagues (faculty and staff).

Academic and professional service includes, for example:

  • Leadership contributions to professional or learned societies;
  • Service and/or influence on government, commissions and/or policy development in a professional or consulting capacity;
  • Contributions to the community-at-large and to cultural, community and service organizations.

Nomination Process

  • ​Nominations will be solicited from the entire university community and community-at-large.
  • Nominators will be required to complete a form​ and include a brief statement (500 words or less) describing the impact of the nominee and to provide relevant examples.
  • Two letters of support and the nominee’s CV are required as part of the nomination package.
  • The nomination form will reference the definition of academic, professional and university community service (Article 15.7.2 c of the WLUFA collective agreement for full-time faculty and Articles 19.1.3 and 19.1.4 for full-time librarians) for examples of qualifying activities specific to community service.

Upon submission, all nominees will be considered by the selection committee.​

The deadline for completed nomination packages is Jan. 15, 2018.