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Flooding in Brantford

During Reading Week the City of Brantford experienced flooding in some areas that caused the municipality to declare of a state of emergency. The flooding did not directly impact Laurier's Brantford campus, and the university continues to operate without interruption.

The neighbourhoods of Eagle Place, Holmedale and Old West Brant were hardest hit by the flood. As a result, some residents were required to evacuate their homes. Natural gas and electrical services were temporarily turned off in certain areas. We recognize that Laurier students might reside in these neighbourhoods, and may return from Reading Week to discover that their homes have been impacted.

If you live in one of the flooded neighbourhoods and have not yet returned to Brantford, we strongly suggest that you contact your landlord to see whether or not your home suffered flood damage.

If you return to Brantford to discover that the flood impacted your off-campus accommodations, please contact Adam Bloomfield at the Dean of Students office. Bloomfield can direct you to the appropriate resources or supports.

If you live in rented accommodations, your belongings suffered flood damage, and you have content insurance, we strongly suggest you reach out to your policy provider. It is also a good idea to record the damage with photos or video.

As always, student safety is our primary concern. We want to hear from any students impacted by the flood to ensure you have the supports and resources you need to continue your studies, and to remain safe and healthy.

Post-flood Safety Tips

Returning Home After a Flood

When re-entering a home after a flood, exercise extreme caution. Structural, electrical and natural gas issues can cause safety concerns. For a detailed list of precautions and next steps, please see information provided by the City of Brantford.

Food Safety

If your home was without power during the flood, the Brant County Health Unit reminds residents to take the following food safety precautions:

  • Throw out food in a fridge that's been without power for more than four to six hours and that is at high risk for contamination such as meat, dairy products, and leftovers.
  • Throw out any food that's been in contact with floodwater, except for food in sealed, airtight metal cans.
  • Food in sealed, airtight metal cans is safe to eat once the can has been properly disinfected.
  • If you have lost food due to the flood, we remind you that the Students' Union Food Bank is a resource that is always available to students in need, and encourage you to make use of this service.

Ongoing Updates

For additional real-time updates on flood recovery activities and service provider contacts, we suggest following the City of Brantford on Twitter.

It is sincerely hoped that no Laurier students have been impacted by this emergency, but any student who have suffered damages or need support are strongly encouraged to contact the Dean of Students office.