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Two steps you can take to make course registration easy

Fall and winter course registration opens up for returning undergraduate students on June 25 (check LORIS for your registration date and time).

By completing the first two steps in the three-step process, it will make the third step quick and smooth.

In step one, you’ll check your program requirements with the help of the Academic Calendar and MyDegree.

Why Do I Need to Check My Program Requirements Before Registering?

Check your program requirements to ensure you are on track to progress through your program. All your courses are listed in the Academic Calendar. MyDegree is a new progression tool for undergraduate students who started at Laurier in fall 2016 or later. MyDegree will give you a snapshot of the required courses you’ve completed, those in progress, and those still remaining. This snapshot will allow you to plan for course registration.

In step two, you’ll use the Dynamic Schedule to see if there are any restrictions on your courses, in combination with the Visual Schedule Builder to create a conflict-free time table.

LORIS will not be available for students to drop spring term courses on June 29 and 30. This will not affect summer term courses.

LORIS will be available again on June 30 after 4:30 p.m.

Why Should I Check Restrictions and Build a Schedule Before I Register?

If you know in advance if your chosen courses have any pre-requisites, exclusions, waitlists or restrictions, then you will only register for the courses that are open to you. Building a time table in advance will bring any scheduling conflicts to light. The alternative is discovering unexpected restrictions or scheduling conflicts while you are trying to register for a course, which means you may need to start over again at step one.

In step three, with your list of Course Reference Numbers (CRNS) and some back-up course selections, you’re ready to log in to LORIS to register for courses as soon as your date and time opens.

Make sure you have logged into LORIS prior to registering to check for holds on your account. Holds will prevent you from being able to register. To check for holds, go to LORISStudent Services > Student Records > View Holds.

Visit the Course Registration Guide for detailed information about the three-step registration process.