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Voting in Ontario’s June 7 provincial election

Are you voting in the upcoming provincial election?

Election day in Ontario is June 7. If you are a Canadian citizen, resident of Ontario and 18 years of age by election day, you are eligible to vote. Voting is a pretty cool privilege, so why not exercise your right? Every vote counts and can add up to real change in Ontario’s communities.

As a student, you can vote in your hometown (where you permanently reside) or in the electoral district where you are temporarily living for school.

Here are a few things to consider wherever you choose to cast your vote.

Educate Yourself

Four major political parties in Ontario that have put forth a leader who, if elected on June 7, will assume the role of Ontario’s next premier.

Learn what the party leaders (presented in alphabetical order) plan to do for the province if elected, and how those plans may impact you:

Voting at Home

If you are voting in your hometown, you should receive a voter information card in the mail. Bring this card to your polling station, located on your voter information card, on June 7. Polling stations are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on election day.

If you have not received your voter information card, check the e-registration section of the Elections Ontario website to confirm, add or update your information.

Remember, you vote for a party candidate running in your home electoral riding. Depending on where you live, your candidate could be one of the party leaders listed above. If you are not sure who the candidates in your electoral riding are, enter your home postal code on the Elections Ontario website. This will reveal your electoral district and its associated party candidates.

Voting Where You Learn

Not living at home this summer? You can still vote on June 7.

As a student, you can vote in the electoral district where you are temporarily living while attending school.

If you choose to vote this way, Elections Ontario’s website says to bring a piece of identification that shows your both your name and your residential address to your polling station on June 7. Enter your postal code on the Elections Ontario website to find your electoral district and its party candidates.

If you are living outside of Ontario on June 7, you can vote by mail by submitting a special ballot application form or by applying to be listed in the Register of Absentee Electors in Ontario by June 1.

If you cannot vote on June 7, learn more about other voting times and options.

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