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Top 10 Laurier services you should take advantage of now

You may have noticed some of the many services that Laurier offers around campus, or seen them listed at the bottom of your syllabi, but you probably don’t know all that these resources have to offer.

Here are the top 10 services available at Laurier, and how you can use them to build a happy, healthy and productive student life.

1. Student Success Services

Student success services include a number of resources, each focusing on specific areas of academic support. These include:

  • incoming student support
  • academic advising
  • study skills and course support
  • writing support
  • math and statistics support
  • accessible learning

All of these resources allow students to book one-on-one appointments with advisors. Most of them also hold workshops, offer peer-tutoring, host volunteer opportunities for peer support and share resources online.

They also have more specific tools like assistive technology from the Accessible Learning Centre and the long list of Writing Centre Handouts. No matter your needs or discipline, these services are designed to aid you in being a better student.

2. Student Wellness Centres

The student wellness centres employ a variety of health practitioners on-campus, such as:

  • doctors
  • registered nurses
  • counsellors
  • chiropractor
  • massage therapist
  • physiotherapist
  • registered dietician

This is also where they host the flu clinics and where you can get medical documentation. They offer volunteer opportunities for peer support and have resources online for things like sexual violence, self-help and student insurance.

The Waterloo campus also has the Student Health and Development Centre. It runs drop-in workshops throughout the year to help students manage things like diet, grief, stress and other health issues. They have informational material available in the centre and a wellness certificate program to encourage students to be more proactive in their health.

3. Student Rights Advisory Committee

The Student Rights Advisory Committee is specifically aimed at helping students handle housing or landlord issues. As young, inexperienced tenants with short leases, many students are unaware of what their rights are and how they should exercise them. Laurier’s student union offers advisors to support you through some of these difficult situations.

The online resource has super helpful FAQs to get you started. They also link to rental listings in both Waterloo and Brantford to search for housing.

4. Career Centre

The Career Centre has a bounty of information for students across all disciplines, levels of study and stages of career planning. They host drop-in and booked hours with advisors that have different specializations, as well as a variety of workshops and events. They have an ample amount of printed material you can pick up at the centre and during workshops.

The centre’s online Navigator tool is definitely worth checking out. This is where you book appointments online, enrol in certificate programs and events, search and apply for job/volunteer postings and view your co-curricular record.

The Career Centre focuses on helping students understand some of the less obvious options when it comes to preparing for life after university. This includes: determining what kind of careers are available in your field and what kind of work you would be best suited to within that field, how to network and search for jobs more effectively, how to write cover letters and resumes/CVs, and pursuing further education.

5. Library Services

Of course, the library has an endless amount of research tools and academic information. But they also have resources to help improve your research skills. Each subject has its own librarian and students can e-mail or book one-on-one appointments with them.

They already have a ton of resources online to help you get started. There are subject guides and course guides, where students can access lists of academic journals/resources, citation and writing style guides, instructional videos and archival information applicable specifically to each discipline.

The library has other resources like information on citation software to help you manage your sources or Scholars Commons which houses work published by Laurier faculty and students.

Graduate and undergraduate students can also book different rooms at the library for individual and group study spaces.

6. Laurier International

Laurier is partnered with universities in countries around the world, which means you can earn credits toward a degree at Laurier while studying at other institutions and vice versa.

Laurier International has a lot of great information for international students. This includes dealing with immigration, English writing support and encouraging international students to become involved in social events, clubs and employment/volunteer experiences.

There are also opportunities for domestic students to be involved in supporting international students – a few of which involve food! Some of these programs contribute to your co-curricular records. Of course, domestic students can also volunteer or study abroad themselves.

7. Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion hosts a range of associations to support all members of the community and cultivate an inclusive and diverse culture at Laurier. These include:

  • LGBTQ Association
  • Black Student Association
  • Women’s Centre
  • Muslim Students’ Association
  • Allyship Association
  • Multi-Faith Support

Each of these resources has their own events, regular meetings/discussions and contacts for you to get in touch with. The Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Women’s Centres on the Waterloo and Brantford campuses have resource libraries. The LGBTQ Associations and Women’s Centres have some useful resources posted online.

The Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion also has many opportunities for you to engage with advocacy and support work, including volunteering, practicum placements and certificate programs that may contribute to your co-curricular record.

8. Tech Services

Laurier’s tech services has a lot of really helpful information for students, including information about Laurier accounts and passwords, software and Wi-Fi.

Need to use a specific program? Tech services has a public list of what software is available in Laurier’s computer labs.

They are available by phone and e-mail or in their office in Waterloo for further tech-related questions. They also loan students laptops and free access Windows Office.

9. Printing Services

Laurier’s printing services can do more than produce a hard copy of that paper you toiled over. They offer other services like binding, laminating, faxing and poster printing – all of which range in price from a couple of cents to a few bucks per page.

A few computer labs also feature printers/scanners that students can operate themselves. Printing services has posted information online about how to access and use your PaperCut account.

The Hub at the Waterloo campus offers a free advertising service on their digital screen.

10. Laurier Athletics

Laurier athletics hosts a wide range of programs to help students stay active and reach fitness goals. There are regular workout facilities at the Athletic Complex in Waterloo and the Laurier Brantford YMCA. Both facilities offer personal training packages, and women-only hours are available in Waterloo. They also have group exercises like yoga, cycling and zumba as well as sports clubs and intramurals.

The Athletic Complex has a pool and offers everything from adult swimming lessons to lane swimming to CPR and Bronze Cross training.

Both facilities also run an array of sports-focused summer and PA Day camps for kids and teens.