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Voting in Ontario's municipal elections

Are you voting in the upcoming municipal election? Municipal elections in Ontario take place Monday, Oct. 22. Polls are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you are a Canadian citizen, resident of Ontario and 18 years of age by election day, you are eligible to vote. Voting is a pretty cool privilege, so why not exercise your right? Every vote counts and can add up to real change in Laurier’s host communities.

As a student, you can vote in the electoral district where you are temporarily living for school and in your hometown (where you permanently reside) provided that you do not intend to change your permanent home.

Voting as a Student in Waterloo

Laurier students living on campus in Waterloo can vote in the Concourse on Oct. 22. Students living off campus in Waterloo can search their address to determine their voting station. For more information, email elections@waterloo.ca or call 519.747.8704.

Voting as a Student in Brantford

Laurier students living in Brantford may vote at any polling station within their ward. Please review the polling station information and ward maps available on the City of Brantford’s election websiteOnline voting is also available in Brantford.

For more information, email the City of Brantford’s municipal election team or call 519.759.4150.

Know the Candidates

A number of candidates are running for various positions, including mayor, city ward councillors, regional chair and school board trustees. Learn what each of the candidates running for positions in Waterloo and Brantford plan to do if elected and how those plans may impact you as a student.

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