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2019 Archaeological Field School

Please email a covering letter with the following information to jtriggs@wlu.ca:

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  • student number
  • year of study at Laurier
  • registered major
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Eligibility Criteria

AR219* is a required course for the Archaeology and Heritage Studies program. Priority will be given to Archaeology and Heritage Studies majors, although students from any departmental program, or faculty at Laurier, are eligible to apply. The applicant must be in academic good-standing and a full-time or part-time registered student. Experience in archaeological excavation is not a prerequisite.

Background Information

The field school introduces students to current techniques used in the archaeological investigation of a historic period military and domestic site. Stratigraphic excavation methods will be used in a detailed investigation of the oldest British military fort in Ontario, the first Fort Erie, constructed in 1764.

This year's objective is to excavate the remains of the fort, thought to be situated below a parking lot at Old Fort Erie National Historic Site. Students will be instructed in all aspects of surveying, field excavation and photography, plan- and section-drawing, artifact identification and processing.

Classroom lectures will be scheduled on Laurier's Waterloo campus during the week of May 6-10 2019. Fieldwork will take place at the Fort between May 13 and June 14. During this period, students will live together at a house owned by Niagara Parks Commission, Bertie Hall, located in Fort Erie.

The normal work day will be from about 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. In addition to a tour of Old Fort Erie, a day tour of sites along the historic Niagara frontier is planned for June.

The total estimated cost is $800 plus tuition for two courses (AR219* counts for 1.0 credit, or two 0.5 credit courses).