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Opportunities exist for senior undergraduate students to participate in fieldwork in a variety of subdisciplines in Geography and Environmental Studies. These experiences range from working in the Northwest Territories studying impacts of a warming climate on permafrost to creating a virtual subdivision for planning purposes in the urban environment of southern Ontario.

Fieldwork Courses

While these field courses provide outstanding opportunities for a high-impact engaged learning experience, they also provide a chance for honours Geography and Environmental Students to bond together as a community. These experiences are often the most memorable for our students, and reflect our department’s commitment to hands-on research training and learning in the field.

GG/ES399: Third-Year Field Studies

This required course revolves around an intensive four-day field camp to a location in Ontario, offering a variety of hands-on research opportunities. In past years, it has taken place in Pinery Provincial Park, on the shore of Lake Huron. Students work in small groups to identify, prepare for and conduct field projects. Group posters and individual field research reports are typically expected focussing on spatial/statistical/qualitative data analysis. Topics revolve around a series of human-environment and resource management issues, such as sand dune restoration, ecological impacts of controlled burning, and visitor perceived health impacts.

GG451: Fourth-Year Field Studies

This optional course builds upon third-year field camp experience, but revolves around an intensive 10-day field trip outside of Ontario. In recent years, it has taken place in Peru, Costa Rica, the Canadian Rockies, and Yukon. Students work in small groups to identify, prepare for, and conduct field projects on a wide range of topics spanning all areas of human, physical and environmental studies. Many other educational, recreational, adventurous and social events are incorporated into the trip to enhance the experience.