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Tentative Course Offerings for 2022/23

Undergraduate Course Information

A list of all Ancient Studies and History courses along with short descriptions are available in the undergraduate academic calendar.

Course Registration Numbers

In our Ancient Studies and History course offerings lists we have provided you with the course registration numbers (CRNs).

To make your registration easier, enter the CRN number of each course you wish to enrol in, in the boxes along the bottom of the course registration screen in LORIS. You won’t then have to search for each course, one by one, which will save you a fair bit of time.

Travel Courses

The History department’s intersession travel courses are designed to enrich our students’ academic lives by studying history where it was made. In cooperation with Wilfrid Laurier University’s academic partners around the world the History department offers courses in Russia, France, China and Puerto Rico. Possibilities for the future include battle tours in Asia, WWII-themed courses in Europe and a course in Poland focused on the Holocaust.

Some of the past travel courses have been tied to Laurier’s innovative Residence Learning Community (RLC) program. Under this program, incoming students apply to join a community of like-minded classmates in a specific discipline. They live together in residence and often take one or more courses together. For example, members of a recent ‘Pirates’ History RLC took a first-year course on the history of pirates, and then they travelled to Puerto Rico in the spring for a travel course on the Caribbean history.

Most courses begin on Laurier's Waterloo campus with two to three weeks of lectures and readings, followed by two to three weeks of travel that also include a classroom/lecture format. The courses are designed to also appeal to other disciplines, so are not restricted to history majors. You can earn a full credit, and typically the cost includes all transportation, accommodations and meals. Full-time faculty delivers all travel courses and our many academic partnerships allow us to keep the costs down.

Graduate Course Information

PhD field seminars and graduate course offerings can be found on the Tri-University History website.