2017 Arts study abroad program

History Travel Course

Into that Darkness: Poland, WWII, and the Holocaust

  • May 1-12 Waterloo
  • May 14-27 Poland
  • Instructor: Dr. Eva Plach (eplach@wlu.ca)

Applications are due no later than noon on Friday, Oct. 28, 2016.

Please leave materials in Dr. Plach’s mailbox on the fourth floor of DAWB (across from the Political Science main office) or drop off the application in person to her office (DAWB 4-136).

Eligibility Criteria and Required Application Materials

  • Must be in year 2, 3 or 4 of any Arts program at the start of the fall 2016 term. Students from all Arts disciplines are eligible to apply.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 7.0.
  • The 7.0 minimum GPA is based on criteria established by Laurier International for its student exchange programs. Include (unofficial) copies of transcripts along with other application materials.
  • A resume or CV, tailored to the Arts study abroad program, which outlines the student’s personal and professional (academic) achievements. Students should also outline their co-curricular activities, if relevant (e.g. volunteer experiences, community engagement). Include with application package.
  • A statement of one or two pages (250 to 500 words) which explains why the student wishes to participate in this program and how this particular learning experience fits into the student’s broader academic, personal and professional plans. Include with application package.
  • Letter of reference from two current or past Laurier instructors. TAs are not eligible to write letters of reference for this program.
  • Reference letters should address the student’s current and/or past academic work, including strengths and weaknesses. Referees should also assess the student’s readiness to study abroad in a non-classroom environment and in a group setting. In addition, referees are invited to comment on a student’s communication skills as well as on his/her professionalism and collegiality.
  • Reference letters should not be included with the application package. Instead, letters should be emailed by the referees directly to Dr. Eva Plach at eplach@wlu.ca. Alternately, referees may choose to send their letter as a hard copy directly to Dr. Plach in the History department. In either case, reference letters must be received by the application deadline (Oct. 28). Remember to give your referees at least a couple of weeks to prepare the letter. Please provide your referee with a copy of these instructions.