Christine Henstridge and Sydney Marshall

Celebrating our students: Christine Henstridge and Sydney Marshall

Two of our fourth-year students graduating this year are finishing their academic journey with great success. They are: Christine Henstridge (Honours Bachelor of Arts in Languages) and Sydney Marshall (double Honours Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and Global Citizenship, and Spanish).

There are many similarities between these two incredible students. They were both members of the Residence Learning Community "Windows on the World" (Spanish) during their first year. At the same time, they have been heavily involved in the life of the university, participating in many activities. They also took time to go on exchange (France and Spain). They did all this while maintaining an extremely high GPA.

Henstridge has been accepted for a Master in French at University of Waterloo with a $15,000 scholarship, and Marshall is the first recipient of the Women of Faith Scholarship.

These accomplishments showcase the versatility and scope of our students and at the time is a reflection of the strong preparation we offer at the Department of Languages and Literatures. Congratulations to these two students; we are very proud of you!