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2017/18 Philosophy Speaker Series

"Astell on Bad Custom and Epistemic Injustice"

  • Allauren Forbes, Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
  • Friday, Jan. 26, 2017, 3:30 p.m., DAWB 2-101 (Dr. Alvin Woods Building)
  • all are welcome


Mary Astell (1666-1731) identifies a persistent problem for women in her time: the evils of bad custom. Bad custom is many things – a disease, a barrier, and a set of norms and practices that serve to undermine women’s intellectual and moral capacities. In this paper, I argue that the phenomenon of bad custom is an institutional practice of gaslighting, a form of abuse whereby an agent undermines their target’s grasp on reality whilst maintaining the agent’s position of epistemic – and, one might think, political – authority. As an institutional practice, this is a form of epistemic injustice – a harm done to someone in their capacity as a knower – not yet categorized by contemporary philosophical literature. So, I argue that Astell not only recognizes bad custom as gaslighting but also that her discussion implies that she recognizes it as a kind of epistemic injustice.

To make my case, I first set out just what Astell means by bad custom. I then compare it to the psychological harm of gaslighting and demonstrate their similarities. I show how this constitutes an epistemic injustice, but not one that fits into the currently available schemas. I suggest that there is an important feminist upshot to this, and that this further illustrates the importance of philosophical recovery and discussion of historically overlooked figures such as Astell.

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