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Course Offerings for 2017/18

Undergraduate Courses

Our carefully structured undergraduate curriculum builds a foundation of knowledge about politics and political concepts in PO101 and PO102, and introduces political science’s various fields of study in our 200-level courses. You will move on to more advanced analyses in your third- and fourth-year courses, which are often paired with simulations, applied projects and interactions with practitioners.

  • Fall 2017 = (1)
  • Winter 2018 = (2)

100-Level Courses

200-Level Courses

300-Level Courses

400-Level Courses

  • All 400-level courses are available only to Year 4 Honours Political Science students who have achieved an average grade of “B” in at least two 300-level Political Science classes.
  • PO478* is required for — and restricted to — students in the Research Specialization Option.
  • The honours BA in Political Science degree now requires 1.0 Political Science credit at the 300 level and at the 400 level. However, students enrolled in the program prior to September 2009 may be eligible to graduate using previous degree requirements, as listed in the academic calendar.