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Faculty and Staff


Dr. Chris Anderson
Associate Professor

Dr. Jörg Broschek
Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance

Dr. Andrea M. Brown
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science and North American Studies

Dr. Alistair Edgar
Associate Professor

Dr. Patricia Goff
Associate Professor and Undergraduate and Sussex Programs Co-ordinator

Dr. Dejan Guzina
Associate Professor and Associate Dean: Research and Curriculum

Dr. Derek Hall
Associate Professor

Dr. Scott Hamilton
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Thomas O. Hueglin
Professor (retired)

Dr. Loren King
Associate Professor

Dr. John Milloy
Assistant Professor of Public Ethics (Martin Luther University College)
Co-director, Centre for Public Ethics (Martin Luther University College)

Dr. Audra Mitchell
Canada Research Chair in Global Political Ecology

Dr. Andrea Perrella
Associate Professor and Graduate Officer 

Dr. Laura Pin
Assistant Professor

Dr. Jason Roy
Associate Professor
Director, Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy

Dr. Kim Rygiel
Associate Professor
Associate Director, International Migration Research Centre

Dr. Yasmine Shamsie
Associate Professor (Retired)

Dr. Izabela Steflja
Assistant Professor

Dr. Brian Tanguay

Dr. Debora VanNijnatten

Professors Emeriti

Dr. Steven Brown
Associate Professor Emeritus

Dr. Rhoda Howard-Hassmann
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Rianne Mahon
Professor Emeritus
CIGI Chair in Comparative and Transnational Social Policy and Governance

Dr. John McMenemy
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Toivo Miljan
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Rod Preece (deceased)

Professor Emeritus


Sherry Palmer
Senior Administrative Assistant

Departmental Contacts by Topic

  • For academic advising, cross-registration, letters of permission, departmental permissions, and exchange and co-op information: Dr. Jason Roy and (Sussex program)
  • For adding/dropping courses, course availability, and registration procedures: Sherry Palmer
  • For extensions and midterm exam deferrals: your course instructor
  • For graduate program inquiries: Dr. Andrea Perrella