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Dynamics of Islamophobia Course

Religion and Culture, and Muslim Studies Option present RE 349G Dynamics of Islamophobia.

Date and time: Tuesday and Thursday; 4 – 5:20 p.m.
Lecturer: Jasmin Zine

Islam and Muslims have been perceived as a threat to democracy, freedom, and liberal values in many western nations and are subject to discrimination, surveillance, racial/religious profiling and physical attacks. Muslims have been demonized, constructed as enemies and face state supported violence, repression, and even genocide in other nations. Muslim women are viewed as backward and oppressed and their religious dress is being banned in many nations including Canada. What are the historical roots of this form of oppression? How does an Islamophobia industry support the ideologies that justify and legitimate policies and practices that subjugate and oppress Muslims globally? How do gendered and other intersectional forms of Islamophobia manifest? What are some strategies for countering Islamophobia through education and the arts?

Join us and explore these issues and many more facets of this global phenomenon.