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Practicum and Field Experience

In total, Bachelor of Education Teacher Candidates spend about 150 days in practical experience settings during their two years in the Laurier Faculty of Education. That is more than twice the provincial requirement of 80 days by the Ontario College of Teachers which recognizes a combination of virtual and in-school practicum experiences.

Year One

Year Two

TCs move to a different school placement for the second year of the program, enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of schools within Ontario.

Vulnerable Sector Screening

Vulnerable sector screening is a requirement in order to fulfill the practicum component of the Bachelor of Education program.

You must apply for a vulnerable sector screening check through your local police service.

Some police services (including Ontario Provincial Police) require a letter from the Faculty of Education in order to process the request for a vulnerable sector screening. You can find a template of a letter to use for this under the resources tab in Navigator.

Ontario Provincial Police

You can fill out the Ontario Provincial Police Vulnerable Sector Check Form online.

Toronto Police Service

You can access a copy of this letter under the resources tab in Navigator for the Toronto Police Service vulnerable sector screening.

The waiver must be printed on legal paper, in colour, and mailed to:

Records Management Service
Toronto Police Services
40 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2J3

Note: Toronto Police Service waivers must be mailed and must include a money order (personal cheques are not accepted). Money orders are made payable to the Toronto Police Services. Do not take this form in person to the Toronto Police Service station or it will be returned.

You will notice the Toronto Police Service waiver includes an address label box. Toronto Police Service asks that you write your complete name and mailing address in this space. Waivers will then be folded and inserted into a window envelope.

Should you have further questions regarding the Toronto Police Service waiver and/or vulnerable sector screening search, contact the main inquiry line at 416.808.7991.