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Practicum Experiences

Laurier’s BEd program is based on a Professional Development School (PDS) model which affords Teacher Candidates the opportunity to establish close, personal, and interactive professional relationships with school personnel and communities. TCs continually integrate the theory they learn in their university classes with the teaching experiences of their placements. 

Our program is designed in recognition of Teacher Candidates’ need to learn from expert teachers in field-based experiences. Practicum placements are required by provincial legislation though Regulation 283/13.  

The practicum experience is designed to assist you in accomplishing the following:  

  • Forging connections between theory and practice;  
  • Integrating and applying knowledge;  
  • Applying knowledge and skills from academic course work to meet the needs of diverse learners within the socio-cultural context of the classroom; and  
  • Working collaboratively with other professionals to improve student learning.  

Laurier’s two-year program includes a total of approximately 115 days of practical experience. This amount is above the provincial requirement of 80 days by the Ontario College of Teachers.

All Primary/Junior TCs will be assigned to both primary and junior classrooms for their practicum experiences. All Junior/Intermediate TCs will have at least one junior placement and at least one intermediate placement in their teachable subject area.