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Bachelor of Education Timetables


  • EU456 and EU480 have irregular schedules covering fall/winter.
  • Half-credit courses run all semester (10 weeks) and quarter-credit courses are five weeks. Typically, quarter-credit courses will run either the first five weeks or the second five weeks during the semester, appearing on the schedule divided by a slash (/). Even though two such classes may appear to have the same day, time and classroom, they do not conflict.


  • A = Year 1 Primary/Junior
  • AA = Year 1 Primary/Junior
  • B = Year 2 Primary/Junior
  • C = Year 1 Junior/Intermediate
  • CC = Year 1 Junior/Intermediate
  • D = Year 2 Junior/Intermediate

Fall 2021 Timetable

Winter 2022 Timetable