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BEd Practicum and Field Experience

In total, Bachelor of Education candidates spend 40 weeks in classroom settings during their two years in the Laurier Faculty of Education. That is more than twice the provincial requirement of 80 days!

Year 1

Field Days

Teacher Candidates (TCs) spend one day per week at their Professional Development Schools (PDS) during the 20 weeks when on‐campus courses are in session. These 20 PDS Field Days provide opportunities for TCs to observe and gain some practical experience in program areas and classrooms different from the classrooms assigned for practicum placements. PDS Field Days also enable them to develop ongoing relationships with the school staff and sustain involvement in classroom and school‐wide activities throughout the year. Approximately halfway through the first semester of Year 1, TCs complete the extended field days block, spending nine days in one classroom at their PDS site. This practical experience provides TCs with an opportunity for in‐depth observation of teaching and learning through sustained immersion in one classroom.

Practicum One

TCs complete the first three-week practicum at the end of the first semester of Year 1. During Practicum One, TCs teach up to 25% of the time under the supervision of their associate teacher..

Practicum Two

TCs complete the second three‐week practicum just before March break of Year 1, teaching up to 50% of the time under the supervision of their associate teacher.

Alternative Placement

The Alternative Placement is a three‐week field experience placement that occurs at the end of Year 1 of the program. TCs work in a voluntary capacity in various contexts where learning takes place (e.g. Section 23 Programs, KidsAbility, museums, outdoor education centres) or take advantage of international teaching opportunities. Arranged individually by each TC according to their interests, the Alternative Placement provides TCs with valuable field experience that may not be available at their PDS sites. Both Ontario and selected international placements are possible.

The timing of the Alternative Placement program is strategically scheduled at the end Year 1 of the two-year program to provide the opportunity for TCs to extend their work at the their placement sites. Extensions to Alternative Placements are at the invitation of the host organization and require written approval of their site supervisor.  

The Alternative Placement is a required non-credit course within the Bachelor of Education program. Successful completion of this 90-hour placement before June 1st of that academic year is required for progression to Year 2 of the program. Completion of the placement will be verified upon receipt by the Laurier Field Experience Office of the Summative Evaluation in Navigator.

Year 2

TCs move to a different PDS for the second year of the program, enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of schools within Ontario.

Field Days

TCs spend one day per week (15 days total) at their PDS during the 15 weeks when on‐campus courses are in session. The PDS Field Days also provide opportunities to apply theoretical constructs from courses to immediate school and classroom experiences.

Practicum Three

TCs complete the third practicum (nine days in length) halfway through the first semester of Year 2, teaching a minimum of 50% of the time.

Practicum Four

TCs complete the fourth practicum (three weeks in length) at the end of the first semester of Year 2 during which TCs assume responsibility for teaching a minimum of 75% of the time.

Practicum Five: Laurier Professional Placement

TCs complete the fifth and final practicum at their PDS site at the end of the second semester of Year 2. The final practicum, the Laurier Professional Placement (LPP), is a 10‐week block placement that provides extensive opportunities for varied classroom and school experiences, and supports TCs in transitioning from student teacher to practicing professional. At various points during the LPP, TCs will assume responsibility for teaching 100% of the program under the supervision of the associate teacher. TCs are assigned a mentor teacher at their PDS school site who provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the last year of the program and during the LPP.