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BF299: Academic Literacy: Humanities

This is the course where you learn the skills you need to read better, think better, put together strong arguments, test those arguments (and other people’s) to see how well they stand up, and communicate those arguments in clear, direct, readable, academic writing that is organized in a way which allows other people to understand your ideas quickly and easily.

A lot of students go into this course thinking that they know all this stuff, but students who take this course seriously, even students who were already good writers and thinkers, come out much stronger thinkers, and much clearer writers. And that strength translates into an easier time and more success at university, and into being able to work better at any job that requires strong thinking and clear communication. 

And that’s why this course, and the Foundations program in general, is part of the Laurier Brantford advantage!

About BF299: Academic Literacy: Humanities

You will learn the basic skills necessary to understand:

  • How scholars in the humanities think about problems and approach a variety of cultural artifacts (e.g. works of film, literature, or visual popular culture);
  • How they conduct research;
  • How they analyze information; and
  • How they communicate their ideas.

You will attend lectures as well as small-group classes that will use the course material in a series of task-defined units designed to refine the critical thinking, research, information literacy, and communication skills necessary to conducting effective inquiry in the humanities.

Course Objectives

You will be introduced to:

You will learn:

Essay Checklist

Download the essay self-evaluation checklist to attach to your essay.

Instructors can tailor the essay checklist to suit their specific course.

Course Outlines

For past BF299 course outlines, please email Jennifer Beam ( and provide:

  • the course number(s)
  • the year and term the course was offered (e.g. Winter 2015)
  • and your WLU student ID

The outlines will be forwarded to you as a PDF attachment.