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Lazaridis Graduate Research Poster Symposium to showcase Management and Mathematics research

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from all five Management fields–Accounting, Financial Economics, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management, and Supply Chain, Operations and Technology Management–as well as Mathematics will be presenting their research in the Lazaridis Hall Atrium on Thursday, May 4The symposium will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is open to students and faculty across campus. Light refreshments will be provided.

Featured Research

Graduate student research on display during the symposium will include:

The Early Bird Catches the Worm? The Development of Dynamic Network Capability

Ken Chen (PhD in Management: Marketing)

This study looks at how firms may leverage their youth to build valuable processes and capabilities for the future.

Gender Discrimination in Selection at Tech Startups

Peter Fisher (PhD in Management: OB/HRM)

This project examines the possibility of an implicit gender bias favouring men in the selection process at tech startups which may be created by the company's website.

The Interactive Effects of Speaker Accent and Gender when Applying for a Volunteer Position

Samantha Hancock (PhD in Management: OB/HRM)

A workforce with a non-native English accent has become common in the globalized business world. Previous research examining the effect of non-native accent on speakers’ workplace outcomes is sparse and inconclusive. To further our knowledge on the effects of non-native accent and shed light on inconsistent findings, we examine how gender may moderate the effect of non-native English accent on speakers’ workplace outcomes. 

Robo-Chat: Social Perceptions of AI Personal Assistants

Claudia Iglesias (PhD in Management: Marketing), Grant Packard

Do people process the persuasion attempts of AI assistants in the same way they do those of human agents?

Paternity Leave

Anja Krstic (PhD in Management: OB/HRM)

The purpose of this investigation is to examine how paternity leave length can impact men’s career outcomes.

Supply Chain Interface Finance

Guanmei Liu (Visiting PhD student in Supply Chain Management)

We consider the Cournot competition between an incumbent and a potential entrant who both have financial constraint and finance from the same bank.

Performance Appraisals

Jacqueline Beres, Lisa Keeping, Sara Murphy (PhD in Management: OB/HRM)

Exploratory study focusing on identifying a variety of motivations for distorting performance appraisal ratings.

The Effect of Stress on Persuasiveness of (Central vs. Peripheral) Advertisement Messages

Shirish Panchal (PhD in Management: Marketing)

The project investigates the effect of psychological stress on information processing style (central vs. peripheral) in an advertisement context.

Implementing Sustainability Standards in a Nonverifiable Supply Chain

Rongyu Wang (Postdoctoral fellow in Supply Chain Management)

How to implement sustainability standards in a three tier supply chain, in which the end firm always believes that the tier 1 supplier sources from a responsible tier 2 supplier, while the tier 1 supplier may actually source from an irresponsible tier 2 supplier.

Discretionary Adjustments in Performance Evaluation

Sara Wick (PhD in Management: Accounting)

Do managers incorporate non-contractible information (i.e. make a discretionary adjustment) into performance evaluation differently depending on the purpose of the tournament?

The Effects of Fairness on Earnings Management

Kainan Xiong (PhD in Management: Accounting)

The relationship between earnings management and fairness in executive compensation using organizational justice theory and traditional contracting theory.