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Course Offerings

The Law and Society Honours BA and minor, and their courses, are only available at the Brantford Campus.

Current course offerings and schedules are subject to change and should be checked on LORIS, or LORIS Browse Classes (formerly Dynamic Schedule), where location information can also be found. Full, official academic information, including a list of approved electives for Law and Society students, can be found on the academic calendars.

If you would like to take a course for which you are missing a prerequisite or are in the wrong year level or major, you will have to complete the Law and Society Override Form. Filling out the form does not guarantee entry into the course.

Unless otherwise stated, all courses are 0.5 credits.

100-Level Courses 

200-Level Courses 

300-Level Courses 

400-Level Courses 

Course Outlines

For past Law and Society program course outlines, please contact Alicia Schiassi and provide:

  • the course number(s)
  • the year the course was offered
  • and your Laurier student ID (if applicable)

The outlines will be forwarded as a PDF attachement. 

Current students, please use your Laurier email account when requesting course outlines as this is our official means of communication with you, and will ensure delivery.