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Social Justice and Community Engagement students often pursue many careers in government, not-for-profit, corporate social responsibility, legal, and research sectors.

Some career paths include:

  • Non-profit organization worker;
  • Human rights advocate;
  • Counsellor and advocate;
  • Human resource specialist;
  • Policy research and/or advisor;
  • Community outreach and support worker;
  • Community researcher;
  • International development worker;
  • Municipal, provincial, or federal government employee;
  • Law school;
  • Graduate school/academia.

You may meet with a Career Development staff member or any faculty member in the SJCE program to discuss your possible career paths.

Career Resources

The Career Development Centre at Laurier has a vision that all students are engaged in career development as an integral part of the Laurier experience. The Career Centre offers free career expertise, resources, programs, and services and facilitates connections with employers and the broader community.

Visit: SC Johnson Building, room 112 (38 Market Street, Brantford)

Websites for Job Postings