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Course Offerings for 2016/17

The following course information is provided for your convenience. Schedules are subject to change and should be checked on LORIS, where location information can also be found. Full, official academic information, including prerequisites and exclusions, can be found on the academic calendars.

Unless otherwise indicated, courses are 0.5 credit and held on the Waterloo campus.

If no faculty member is named, the instructor is to be announced.

† = Course normally offered once every two to three years.
‡ = 1.5 credits

100-Level Courses

200-Level Courses

300-Level Courses

400-Level Courses

Graduate Courses

Courses for the MSc in Chemistry are listed below. For courses in the Biological and Chemical Sciences PhD program (in conjunction with the Department of Biology), see Biological and Chemical Sciences Course Offerings.

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