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Instructional Assistants Required

Position Posting – KP221/HN210: Human Anatomy

Two instructional assistants are required for KP221/HN210: Human Anatomy (Winter 2017 term). KP221/HN210 is an introduction to human anatomy with a regional focus. There will be an emphasis on integrating the material to understand the interactions between the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. You will be facilitating the laboratory learning component of the course and interacting with Faculty of Science students in a small-group learning setting.


The IA will assist with the laboratory components of this course. This can include: 1) aiding students in learning the various materials; and 2) assisting in proctoring/grading.


The ideal candidates will have a passion for the subject area, be excellent communicators, and demonstrate strong leadership skills in facilitating learning objectives. Successful completion of Human Anatomy with a minimum grade of B+ is required in order for your application to be considered.

Hours of Work

A total of 60 hours (10 two-hour labs, plus preparation, marking and proctoring time, to be worked between Jan. 9 and Apr. 24, 2017.)

Rate of Pay

  • $19.50/hour when second-year undergraduate
  • $20.60/hour when third-year undergraduate
  • $21.70/hour when fourth-year undergraduate
  • $27.54/hour when MA student or PhD student

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Linda Bennett, lbennett@wlu.ca, by Dec. 6, 2016.