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Leadership Experiences

In an effort to promote the value of hands-on and co-curricular learning, all undergraduate Kinesiology and Physical Education students complete a minimum of 96 hours of community leadership/activity experiences.

Divided up into two to four different experiences with a minimum of 16 hours each and a maximum of 80 hours each, these experiences will engage you in a leadership, administrative, instructional or service capacity related to the wide scope of kinesiology, physical activity, recreation or applied health. Our department maintains a regular listing of opportunities, including coaching, athletic therapy and physiotherapy.

The department's undergraduate advisor must approve all leadership/activity experiences prior to their commencement.

Forms should be handed in at the main KPE office at BA501 or emailed to . Appropriate verification of participation must be submitted by the student in order to complete this requirement.

All Kinesiology and Physical Education Students intending to graduate must submit completed leadership activity forms.

Note: Students cannot use community service-learning hours and/or KP421 volunteer hours towards their leadership hours.

All forms will be submitted for approval and posted on MyLearningSpace.

For more in-depth guidance, you may contact the undergraduate academic advisor, Stephen Wenn.


Proposal Form (Form 1)

Choose the form that best corresponds with the type of leadership/activity experience you are proposing. Note that if you are proposing a volunteer placement outside Laurier, you must submit three forms.

Completion Form (Form 2)

Regardless of the type of experience, the completion form must be submitted along with the signed supervisor's letter promptly after the completion of the experience.

Young Worker Health and Safety Training

Regardless of the nature of the experience and the location, all students must complete the online Young Worker Health and Safety Orientation Training available through MyLearningSpace. Select the "Self Registration" link located in the top right corner.

This training must be completed before submitting a proposal form (form 1; see “forms" below) and any other required documents. You must attach proof of training completion (printed from MyLS) with your proposal form.

Volunteer or Paid Opportunities

The bulletin board in the main Kinesiology and Physical Education office area (BA501) displays job volunteer and paid opportunities for our students. Some of these may be used to fulfil the 96-hour practicum requirement. The board is updated regularly. Feel free to drop by and see if anything interests you.