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MA170OC1: Introduction to Mathematics for Finance (Fall 2018)

Calendar Description

An introduction to the theory of interest. Mathematical models and their analysis for problems involving fixed interest rates. Simple and compound interest. Cash flows, annuities, amortization and sinking funds. (Zero-)coupon bonds.


12U Advanced Functions, or equivalent, or permission of the department.


Victor Xie (PhD)
Office: LH3069 (Lazaridis Hall)
Office Hours: By appointment.
E: sxie@wlu.ca


This is an online course offered via MyLearningSpace and WeBWorK.


Brown, R.L., Kopp, S., and Zima, P. (2015) Mathematics of Finance, 8th Canadian Edition.


Students may use a non-programmable, non-graphing calculator on course tests and the final examination.


Materials related to this course and the full course outline will be posted on the MA170OC1 MyLearningSpace website. You are responsible for checking here on a regular basis for important announcements.


A final mark out of 100 will be calculated as follows:
  • Lab Assignments (12x2% - one every week): 24%
  • Lab Quizzes (12x1% - one every week): 12%
  • Midterm Test (Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018, 6 p.m. - 7:20 p.m. in BA102): 24%
  • Final Exam (2.5 hours, comprehensive): 40%

The final mark will be reported as a letter grade in accordance with the conversion table of the current undergraduate calendar.

This document is a summary of the course outline for MA170OC1 and is provided for the convenience of students.