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Data, Science, Computers, and Math as Ingredients of Today's Business

The MS2Discovery Interdisciplinary Research Institute Seminar


Ivan Sergienko, Scotiabank

Ivan Sergienko is Director of Data Science & Analytics at Scotiabank. In his current role, Ivan leads a group of modellers making advanced customer analytics available to management and sales teams. The best part of his job is being able to leverage academic partnerships and his team’s diversity of knowledge and backgrounds to solve real-life business problems. In his previous appointments with the bank Ivan developed models and policies for managing counterparty credit risk for traded products. Prior to joining Scotiabank, Ivan held research positions at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Memorial University. In addition to his Ph.D. in Physics, he holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


Data, Science, Computers, and Math as Ingredients of Today's Business


Buzz about data science and artificial intelligence is everywhere. Under the hood is a tremendous success of Statistics and Computer Science. We discuss how the scientific method is quickly becoming essential in many industries, and banking in particularly. We explore how students with developed research skills can benefit from this. We present examples of models and tools our group has built to measure customer value and predict their behaviour.

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Friday, Mar. 24, 2017


3 p.m. - 4 p.m.


LH1009 (Lazaridis Hall, Room 1009)