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Physics Course Offerings

The following course information is provided for your convenience. Schedules are subject to change and should be checked on LORIS, where location information can also be found. Full, official academic information can be found on the academic calendars. It is your responsibility to check the appropriate calendar.

Physics students who would like to take more than 2.5 credits in one term will have to fill out the Physics and Computer Science Course Overload Request Form.

All physics courses are 0.5 credits.

First Year (100-Level) Courses

200-Level Courses

Fall 2018

PC212: Electricity and Magnetism
PC220: Digital Electronics

Winter 2019

PC221: Analog Electronics I
PC235: Classical Mechanics (offered alternate years)
PC237: Optics
PC242: Modern Physics

300-Level Courses

Fall 2018

PC310B: Planetary and Space Science
PC319: Digital System Design
PC320: Physical Computing: Digital Interaction with the Analog World
PC321: Quantum Mechanics I
PC344: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
PC351: Quantum Computing
PC364: Data Communication and Networks

Winter 2019

PC315: Introduction to Scientific Computation
PC331: Quantum Mechanics II
PC360: Electromagnetic Theory

Spring 2019

PC310B: Planetary and Space Science
PC310C: Physics for Medicine and Biology

400-Level Courses

Fall 2018

PC454: Solid State Physics
PC481: Fibre Optics
PC491: Directed Research Project I
PC492: Directed Research Project II

Winter 2019

PC475: Design of Control Systems
PC492: Directed Research Project II