Waterloo Lutheran Seminary Annual Bursaries Application Form

Complete this form if you are a full-time graduate student at the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary and wish to be considered for an annual financial-aid bursary. Bursaries have been made available by our generous donors and are subject to availability. In many cases, our donors have specified criteria for the recipient and the completion of this form will identify if you meet the criteria. 

To be considered for a financial-aid bursary, you must be fully registered with a full-time course load for both the fall and winter terms, complete the General Profile in the Student Awards tab on LORIS, and complete this application form between Aug. 4 and Sept. 29.

For further details, review Scholarships and Bursaries. If you have any questions, contact seminary@wlu.ca

The deadline for this bursary application has passed for the 2017 academic year. This form will be reactivated before Aug. 4, 2018.