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Joint Courses at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

To offer a greater variety of courses, we run some courses in which bachelor’s and master’s students are in classes together. These are called joint courses.

Master's level students will receive different readings and assignments than bachelor's level students, and will have to meet different expectations.

Textbooks for joint courses will be available through the Laurier Bookstore.

Fall 2016

  • Faith and Film (GC341/TH648T)
  • Rabbinic Judaism and Beatitudes (GC380S/TH608Z)
  • Nurturing Faith (GC380T/TH560D)

Winter 2017

  • Canadian Questions (GC380L/TH648V)
  • Faith and Fiction (GC380B/TH648S)
  • God/The Bible and Globalization (GC301/TH648B)
  • The People’s Song in Worship (GC351/TH668F)
  • Jewish Ethics in Bob Dylan Lyrics and Writings (GC380F/TH648U)