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Undergraduate Course Offerings for 2017/18

If you see a discrepancy between the courselist below and the information listed on LORIS or the academic calendar, please contact the seminary office.

Fall 2017

  • GC101 "Christianity and Global Citizenship"
  • GC171 "Faith, Global Citizenship, and the World Religions"
  • GC201 "Public Faith and Public Theology"
  • GC202 "Survey of the Christian Tradition: The Bible"
  • GC203 "Doing Justice and Christian Social Ethics Today"
  • GC341 "Faith and Film"
  • GC352 "Inshallah: Worship and Global Song"
  • GC353 "Sing Fires of Justice"
  • GC355 "Introduction to Worship"
  • GC380A "Spiritual But Not Religious"
  • GC380B "Interfaith/Intercultural Dialogue"
  • GC380W "Women and the Bible"
  • GC380X "Faiths from a Psychological Perspective"
  • GC380Y "Death and Leonard Cohan"
  • GC401 "Senior Project and Integration Seminar"

Winter 2018

  • GC102 "Christian Faith and Global Citizenship"
  • GC141 "Faith and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals"
  • GC204 "Survey of the Christian Tradition: History and Theology"
  • GC221 "Canadian Questions"
  • GC241 "Engaging Youth Culture"
  • GC280A "Questioning Ability"
  • GC343 "Christian Studies and Ecojustice"
  • GC344 "Introduction to Spiritual Care"
  • GC345 "Faith and Fiction"
  • GC351 "The People's Song in Worship"
  • GC354 "Sounds of the Sacred"
  • GC373 "Abrahamic Faiths: History and Beliefs"
  • GC374 "Bob Dylan: Jewish Ethics"
  • GC380C "Ethical Space through Song"
  • GC380D "Women in Islam"
  • GC380P "Christianity in the Margins"
  • GC380Z "Paul and the Corinthians"
  • GC401 "Senior Project and Integration Seminar"