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Concerns and Resolution Procedures

Placement Requirement

Field placements are considered an essential part of social work education and the successful completion of a placement is a basic requirement for every student in the MSW program of the Faculty of Social Work (FSW). All placements used by the FSW are considered to provide sufficient opportunities for learning. Each student is assigned a qualified field instructor to assume the major teaching task while the student is in placement.

It is presumed that each student assigned to a placement is well motivated to use effectively the learning-teaching relationship with the field instructor and all other opportunities in the agency to promote their professional development and that this combination will result in the successful completion of the requirement of the placement.

To further strengthen and facilitate the process of learning in the placement, the FSW assigns a field advisor for each instructor and student during placement. Ongoing communication between the FSW campus and the placement setting is considered essential for the support of the student’s learning experience both in the classroom and in the placement.

The Field Education Office is aware that from time to time exceptional situations occur where a student wishes to decline a placement match or where a student, instructor or agency is concerned about a placement.