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How to access and navigate the MSW field placement portal

The Master of Social Work (MSW) Field Education Office utilizes an online database, the Field Placement Portal, to share information about potential placement opportunities with all students. Students log in the portal to view information about available placements as well as indicate interest in placement opportunities. Once matched with a placement for an interview, students also use the portal to learn about the outcome of their interview, contact information for their field instructor, their assigned field advisor, and their placement timelines and evaluation deadlines. For detailed information on how to navigate the portal, see the following YouTube videos:

Written instructions for navigating the portal are as follows:

Logging into the Field Placement Portal

  • Go to fsw.mylaurier.ca (works best with Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 or higher).
  • Click on the student tab.
  • Login: Enter your myLaurier email.
  • Password: Enter your myLaurier email password.
  • Click submit.

Navigating the Field Placement Portal

You are now logged in to the portal. This is the main page or the dashboard. Here you will find updates, important dates, links related to the placement planning process, etc. Along the left-hand side, below "dashboard," there are a number of modules listed.

Field Placement

On this page you will see the upcoming, current, and past term, as it relates to your placement. You will also have access to the following:

  • My profile: Your profile contains questions that help the Field Education Office match you for an interview.
  • Documents and packages: This is used to upload resumes, certificates, etc. that you would like to share with practicum instructors and field advisors.
  • Opportunities to which I qualify: You can view the placements that are open to your program and field of study.
  • My interests: You can review the placements you have indicated interest in. This feature becomes available after you complete your profile, and select placements you are interested in.
  • Resources: This page contains any applications, forms, or evaluations relevant to your placement. Agency specific applications or requirements are also provided here.
  • Logout: To logout of the portal.

Completing your Profile

The profile must be completed in order to view the placements that are available. To complete your profile:

  • On the main dashboard, click on "incomplete: click to edit" beside "my profile" (this will remain ‘incomplete’ until all sections are completed).
  • You must respond to all questions. For questions to which you do not have a response, you must indicate n/a. All text boxes must have a response.
  • Upload a general, up-to-date resume; use a general resume that can be shared with a variety of agencies. In the event you uploaded the incorrect resume, you can upload a new resume, however you cannot delete the first resume you have uploaded.
  • Click save.
  • This will take you back to the main dashboard. If your profile was completed correctly, "complete: click to edit" will appear beside "my profile." You will now be able to review all the opportunities to which you qualify.

Reviewing Placements for Your Field Course

Students will be able to view, and show interest in, the placement opportunities available on the portal. Placements are open to students based on field course (e.g. advanced field course or foundational field course). Students will be able to view all placements available; however, students may not be qualified for all these placements. To determine which placements you qualified for, you must review the "placement opportunity" provided by each agency.

New placement opportunities will be added on the portal until the day before the portal closes. To review the placements available for your field course:

  • Beside "opportunities to which I qualify," click on "view opportunities."
  • You will see all of the placement opportunities that are open for your field course. You can save, delete, or show interest in any of these placements.
  • Click on "placement title" to view the details of the placement opportunity. You are responsible for reviewing each placement prior to showing interest.

Showing Interest in a Placement Opportunity

You must carefully review a placement opportunity prior to showing interest. For questions about a particular placement, contact fswprac@wlu.ca for any clarification or visit the agency’s website. Students cannot contact an agency or arrange meetings with agencies to learn about the available opportunities, set up an interview or meeting with an agency, or arrange their own placements.

Select 10 placement opportunities that you would like to show interest in. Showing interest helps the MSW field education office consider you for placements you are interested in. It does not guarantee you will be placed with that agency.

To show interest:

  • Click on the title to view the placement details. Under the "info" tab, you will be able to view detailed information about the placement.
  • Click on the "show interest" tab.
  • Click "submit." You have now shown interest in the placement opportunity.
  • You can review all placements you have shown interest in by going back to your dashboard. You will now see a new tab "my interests" that has been added once you show interest in a placement opportunity.
  • You can review all opportunities you have shown interest in by clicking on "review my interests."
  • If you are no longer interested in a placement opportunity: Go to the main dashboard, click on "review my interests," click on the placement title you wish to remove from your interests, go to the "show interest" tab, click on the tab "remove interest."

Learning About Your Placement

The field office will inform you once you have been matched with a placement for an interview. To learn about your placement:

  • Log in to the portal.
  • Click on "field placement" on the left-hand side bar.
  • Select the appropriate term and then you will see a new tab "my placement." Click on "view placement."
  • This will provide you detailed information about the placement including dates, field instructor and field advisor contact information.
  • Contact the listed staff contact and primary field instructor to set up an interview.