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Application Process

The application system is open year-round, with reviews happening every March. Responses will be sent by end of April. An email will go out in early January with an official due date for each cycle.

The review committee consists of student leaders from the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the university. Committee members are provided time to assess all projects individually. In late March the committee comes together to assess projects as a group and make final decisions. You will hear from at the end of the semester with the final decision.

Step 1: Assess Whether Your Project Qualifies

Review the following criteria to determine whether your project qualifies on your own, then connect with the Graduate Students’ Association for approval to move forward.

Keep the following in mind when preparing your application:

  • The GEF does not fund projects on an on-going basis so the request should be for one-time funding only.
  • The GEF rarely approves projects that require salary. If salary is a component, it must be for a limited time during the start-up phase of the project and the budget must show financial sustainability.
  • The GEF does not fund ‘for-profit’ projects.
  • The committee appreciates those projects that have demonstrated collaboration with other partners/departments on campus, including the Graduate Students’ Association.
  • The committee prefers those projects that have an impact on the entire campus or a large percentage of the graduate student population.

Successful applicants must provide an accountability report upon project completion, highlighting:

  • How the funds were used.
  • How the project has impacted graduate students.
  • How the gift from the Graduate Students’ Association was recognized.

Step 2: Get Approvals

Your project must be approved by the following areas in order to move forward:

  • The Graduate Students’ Association
  • The head of your department

If you have any questions about the Graduate Enhancement Fund application process, please contact Graduate Enhancement Fund at

Step 3: Complete Your Application

Make sure you've completed all the steps above before you proceed.

Download and complete the application.

Submit your application by emailing the completed PDF application and excel format budget to