Refund Request Form

Complete this multi-campus form to request a refund for any credit balances on your student financial account.
Please note that Laurier does not issue refunds to anyone other than the student. 

Prior to submitting this refund request form, please ensure that there is a credit reflected on your LORIS account (Student Services > Student Records > Account Summary by Term). Refund requests received with no credit balances on the account will not be processed. This includes credits from a previous term that have already been applied to a current term.

Refunding Dates

Refund requests for credits applied in a particular term will begin to be processed after the term's last add/registration date.  Requests submitted prior to the refunding date will be held and processed in sequential order.

Fall 2018: Refunding begins after September 19
Winter 2019: Refunding begins after January 18
Spring/Intersession 2019: Refunding begins after May 17
Summer 2019: Refunding begins after July 12

Direct Deposit Refund Guidelines

  • Prior to submitting the refund request form, ensure that you have used LORIS (Personal Information > Direct Deposit Banking Information) to verify that your student financial account is set up with your banking information.  Banking information you submitted for OSAP purposes is not used for your student financial account.  You will need to submit your banking information if your LORIS account does not have your information set up.
    • Set up direct deposit for your WLU student financial account by submitting a Direct Deposit Authorization Form with a void cheque or bank provided/verified direct deposit information sheet (generated automatically with pre-filled account information through online bank account or requested through bank branch) prior to filling out this refund request form
    • For your convenience, you can submit the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and your bank information through the online form, by email (, or in person at Service Laurier (Waterloo: Schlegel Building, Room 102; Brantford: Grand River Hall, Room 202) Monday to Friday between 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    • For system purposes, students are required to have an active address on file in order for direct deposits to process through the system. Please review your information on LORIS to ensure that your contact information is current and up-to-date.  Refunds without active addresses will not be processed. 
    • ATTENTION: Banking information provided that is not in the student's name, or handwritten/typed without bank branch verification will not be processed

Process for Students with OSAP 

Upon receipt of a refund request, be advised that your request will first be presented to the Student Awards Office to determine whether you are eligible for a refund if your credit is a result of course drops. Your credit may be required to remain on your account to be applied to next term's fees or it may be required to be sent back to the National Student Loans Centre to be applied against your OSAP loan.  Students with OSAP loans who have questions or concerns regarding your refund request can contact Student Awards.

Process for International Students

If you are an international student and your tuition and fees were paid by international bank wire, CIBC student pay, or credit card, your credit may be required to remain on your student financial account for the next term or be returned to either the credit card that was used for payment or the originating country that the bank wire payment was made. Upon the completion of this form, you will receive a response to your MyLaurier email account outlining additional steps necessary to complete your refund request.