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Allyship Services

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My Respect

My Respect is a Brantford Campus student service providing a safe and diverse community for all students no matter what group they identity with. Its mission is to actively work to become allies for various groups affected by systemic oppression to ensure a safer, more educated and inclusive Laurier community through programming and awareness initiatives.

We work as a team to educate people on our campus and in the community about different forms of oppression to promote allyship. Ultimately we want to work with Laurier community to promote diversity and provide assistance in any way we can, no matter an individual’s identity. Our vision is to promote and create a community of anti-oppressive thinkers on campus.


  • allyship
  • safety
  • inclusivity
  • anti-oppressive decision-making
  • accountability
  • environmentalism

Our Programs

My Respect programs are designed to engage the Laurier community in thoughtful discussions, developmental activities, and special initiatives with the hopes of educating one another as well as bonding to support our cause.

  • General Meetings: Held once a week, these meetings are to inform members and others about the activities we will be hosting throughout the month.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Workshop: Held once a term, this workshop teaches students about the culture of ASL and some basic signing skills.
  • Supporting Others: My Respect often acts as a group of allies and works to support the events of other groups.

Ways to Get Involved

If you identify with our cause, you should become a member. To become a member of My Respect, you must commit to attending a predetermined number of events and/or meetings throughout the year. Joining My Respect allows you to participate in leadership roles and makes you eligible to list My Respect involvement on your Co-Curricular Record.

Get involved by attending one of our meetings or email for more information.