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Multi-Faith Support

The Multi-Faith Resource Team, which includes the university chaplains, is available to assist students, staff and faculty in their efforts to research or discuss ethical and theological issues. As Laurier is a place where students can enhance their own religious knowledge and be challenged by unfamiliar faith stances, the Resource Team is available to support people from all religious traditions.

Please Note: the Multi-Faith Resource Team office in Waterloo is located in room 2C10 in the Arts Building (not in MacDonald House Residence)

Multi-Faith Prayer/Quiet Space

Offering multi-faith hospitality for the religious and spiritual needs of the Laurier community, Laurier’s multi-faith prayer spaces is a dedicated quiet space for prayer, meditation and community. The space includes absolution/washing stations, prayer mats, chairs, meditation pillows, spiritual texts and other resources. On the Waterloo campus, there are two prayer spaces: Room P101, Peters Building and Room BA103 in Bricker Academic (OneCard entry).


Information about the Waterloo-based university chaplains is below. Information about Brantford university chaplains is coming soon.