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Gender and Sexuality Programs and Services

Find support related to gender and sexuality through personal support and education. Our student services offer safer spaces for students (and their allies) who identify with these groups.

2SLGBTQ Services

2SLGBTQ+ services are available to all students, faculty, staff and visitors who are 2SLGBTQ+ identified, queer-friendly or allies. Check out the programs and student services available such as:

  • The Rainbow Centre in Waterloo
  • Queer Sphere in Brantford

Women Centered Services

Find a safe and supportive space to discuss gender-based inequities and gender related issues with your peers through Women Centered Services:

  • Centre for Women and Trans People (CWT) in Waterloo
  • Laurier Brantford Women's Centre (LBWC)

Gender Inclusivity Initiatives

Our gender inclusivity initiatives ensure you have an inclusive student experience at Laurier. Learn more about our initiatives such as:

  • The processes and supports we use so you can be identified the way you wish.
  • Inclusive washrooms so that you have the right to use the washroom in accordance with your lived gender identity and/or gender expression.