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2SLGBTQ+ Services

Rainbow Centre and Queer Sphere

The Rainbow Centre in Waterloo and Queer Sphere in Brantford work to foster social, academic and personal growth for all individuals in the Laurier community, through personal support, awareness promotion, advocacy and education regarding 2SLGBTQ+ issues, rights, and experiences. 

The Rainbow Centre in Waterloo is a safer space on campus available to all students, faculty, staff, administrators and visitors who are 2SLGBTQ+ identified, queer-friendly or allies. We provide awareness training, programming, research, education, advocacy and support through group events, speaker series, open forums, and a resource library. Our hope is to transform the community starting with ourselves.

We offer a space to house resources, hold meetings, and, most importantly, provide the opportunity to engage in discourse in an open and positive environment.

*Please note: all programming is currently online. 

Our Programs

  • Queer Awareness Week
  • Campus Pride Parade
  • Trans Awareness Week
  • Trans Vigil

The Rainbow Centre operates on a foundation of the basic policies of respect, privacy, confidentiality and no assumptions. These policies apply to every event, discussion or gathering hosted by the Rainbow Centre.

Ways to Get Involved

Get involved by attending one of our meetings or email us at

Queer Sphere is a student service that promotes awareness, acceptance, and social, political, and economic rights for 2SLGBTQ+ peoples. As a service, they provide opportunities for 2SLGBTQ+ students and allies to access safer spaces, meet community members, and engage in education and advocacy. Together they work to address interpersonal and structural inequities that harm 2SLGBTQ+ people and create a more positive campus climate around gender and sexual diversity. Queer Sphere holds regular programming, such as student leader meetings, community discussions, special guest speakers, poster campaigns, movie nights and more! Queer Sphere is guided by values of anti-oppression, intersectionality, and choice, and supports a diversity of 2SLGBTQ+ identities and experiences. 

Our Programs

Queer Sphere is integral in delivering the broader Laurier Brantford campus 2SLGBTQ+ programming and provides opportunities such as Queer Orientation during Laurier O week, the Transgender day of Remembrance vigil, and Laurier Pride festivities.

Ways to Get Involved

If you identify with our service, you should become a member. To become a member, you must committ to attending a pre-determined number of events and/or meetings throughout the year. Membership allows you to get involved in leadership roles and you can list Queer Sphere involvement on your experience record. 

Get involved by attending one of our meetings or email us at 


Email (Waterloo) and (Brantford) if you have specific questions. 

Guiding Values

The Laurier Rainbow Centre and Queer Sphere operate with a foundation of the following guiding values. These values apply to every event, discussion or gathering hosted by these services.

Respect: Each and every person is entitled to respect. This means respecting their comments, ideas, and opinions that they share with the group. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with what someone said; it simply means you must allow them to share their opinion, and if you wish to disagree, please do so politely, without attacking or insulting the other person. It should be noted that any oppressive or derogatory remarks will be considered disrespectful and you may be asked to leave.

Privacy: Any comments, opinions, feelings (etc.) shared at an event, discussion, or other gathering are to be kept within the group. This is a safer space where each individual is valued; as such their privacy should also be respected.

Confidentiality: The Rainbow Centre and Queer Sphere are safer environments, where all individuals are welcome regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Everyone has a different experience with coming out, and as such their presence at a events, discussions, or other gatherings should be left to their own disclosure.

No Assumptions: No assumptions are to be made regarding the sexual orientation of gender identity of anyone who attends an event, discussion, or gathering. Like other campus organizations, a diverse group of individuals access these services for various reasons.