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Muslim Students' Association

Waterloo Campus

The Muslim Students' Association (MSA) is a student-run organization with an intention that is twofold:

  • We wish to create a space where Muslim students can come together and strengthen their communal ties based upon their faith; and
  • We wish to build a space where Muslims and non-Muslims can come together, learn from one another, and appreciate one another as human beings.

The MSA does this through running a varied set of events throughout the academic year. Many of these events are in collaboration with different cultural and ideological student-run organizations on and off the Waterloo campus. We also intend to grow by connecting with individuals that have prominent roles in society; this will allow us to combat the negative image of Muslims created through the media, and it will allow us to partake in the vital communal aid aspect of Islam.

Brantford Campus

The Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) in Brantford is a safer space for Muslim students and students interested in the Muslim faith to connect and interact with Islam. The MSA seeks to empower all students to become informed citizens of the global community and to challenge the Islamophobic narrative of Islam in Western society through various initiatives, events, campaigns, and workshops.

Our mission is to create safer spaces on campus where Muslim students can grow in their faith as well as raise awareness and implement programming surrounding issues and injustices faced by Muslim peoples. The MSA Brantford also organizes social events to create a positive atmosphere for Muslim students to establish a sense of belonging and community.

Our vision is to foster an inclusive community for Muslim students, promote spiritual growth through the teachings of Islam, and bring awareness of social issues surrounding the Muslim community.


  • non-hierarchical
  • anti-oppression
  • community
  • spirituality
  • support
  • growth
  • inclusion
  • empowerment
  • global awareness
  • environmentalism
  • philanthropy

Our Programs

  • General Meetings: Held once a week, these meetings are to inform members and others of the activities MSA Brantford will be hosting throughout the month.
  • Syrian Refugee Program: Coming soon.
  • Eid: Celebrated after the month of Ramadan, this event is an opportunity for Muslim students and allies to come together as a community. This event includes a potluck, music and activities.
  • Bingo Night: Held once a term, bingo night is a fun night for all students to get together and take a break from studying/exam stress.
  • Let’s Talk Over Coffee: Held once a term, this coffee house event allows for Muslim students and allies to have meaningful conversations about the Muslim faith, diversity and allyship.

Ways to Get Involved

If you identify with our cause, you should become a member. To become a member of the MSA Brantford, you must commit to attending a predetermined number of events and/or meetings throughout the year. Membership in MSA Brantford allows you to get involved in leadership roles and you will be eligible to list MSA Brantford involvement on your Experience Record.

Get involved by attending one of our meetings or email for more information.

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