Traditional Indigenous Regalia Request Form

Graduates, faculty, platform party members and other participants may choose to wear traditional Indigenous attire, in lieu of a gown, at a convocation ceremony with the permission of the senior advisor: Indigenous Initiatives.

By completing this form, you are submitting a formal request to attend convocation in traditional Indigenous attire. A formal request must be received at least one week prior to the ceremony. Once approved or denied, the senior advisor will inform the president and the convocation organizers of the decision.

Students are still required to rent a gown and hood, as they must still be hooded on stage. Participation cards are also still required.

If a person does not seek permission, but attends the ceremony in traditional attire regardless, he/she may not be permitted into the ceremony as per the discretion of the senior advisor, or a designate in his/her absence.

Familiarize yourself with Laurier's Guide to Graduating. For more information on convocation services for Indigenous students, see Support and Services