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Scholarships and Bursaries

Indigenous students, including those receiving sponsorship, are encouraged to submit an online student profile through LORIS to be considered for competitive scholarships, awards and donor-support bursary opportunities.

Award opportunities are granted to students selected from a pool of eligible applicants from both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses, and Kitchener location. There are often more applications than awards to give out. Selection is challenging and not everyone who meets the criteria will be successful. Students with financial need should seek the guidance of their Indigenous student support coordinator.

Sundance Indigenous Award

Granted to full-time Indigenous students who are attending Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, the University of Waterloo, Conrad Grebel College, Renison College, St. Jeromes College, St. Pauls College or the University of Guelph. The SUNDANCe Indigenous Award was established to recognize Indigenous students who give back to their communities. To apply please review the requirements on the SUNDANCE INDIGENOUS AWARD page.

SEEDs Program 

First-year undergraduate Indigenous students at Laurier can earn $250 per semester through the SEEDs scholarship program. The program consists of four academic, social and cultural activities that students participate in each semester. In order to receive the SEEDs scholarship, students must complete all requirements and meet with the Indigenous student support coordinator twice a semester. For more information and to register, complete the SEEDS Program Application Form.

Indigenous Student Emergency Bursary 

The Indigenous Student Emergency Bursary is available for students experiencing unexpected financial burdens related to their education. Each submission is considered on a case-by-case basis. Book an appointment with your campus-specific Indigenous student support coordinator.

2022/23 Important Dates

June 15: First-year student profile as application for all competitive entrance opportunities opens on LORIS for first-year undergraduate students only. 

August 10: Deadline to complete the First-year student profile on LORIS.

August 11: General student profile open on LORIS for ALL students.

October 5: Deadline to complete the General student profile on LORIS.

October 6: Faculty-specific profile opens on LORIS for students who have completed the general profile. 

October 20: Deadline to complete the Faculty-specific profile on LORIS.

Profiles must be submitted by the stated deadline in order to be considered for all competitive scholarship, bursary and award opportunities for the current academic year. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

Email communications will be sent to your MyLaurier email account once the student profile(s) are available on LORIS.