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Self-Identify as an Indigenous Student

Voluntary self-identification gives you the option to declare that you have an Indigenous background, heritage or ancestry – First Nations (status or non-status), Inuit or Métis.

Your Indigenous self-identification on your OUAC application is non-transferable; therefore, you are encouraged to self-identify at Laurier on LORIS. When you self-identify, you have the option to control which departments receive notice of your self-identification. Departments that can request to receive notice are the Financial Aid Office, the Indigenous Student Centre, Indigenous Student Groups and Student Services.


Self-identification connects you with Laurier’s Indigenous community. You will be contacted about upcoming cultural programming including craft workshops, speaker series, socials and moon ceremonies. Self-identification keeps you in the loop on Indigenous student experiences and financial aid opportunities.

How to Self-Identify

  1. Log into LORIS
  2. Select ‘Personal Information’ from the top tab options
  3. Select ‘Voluntary Indigenous Status Declaration’
  4. Select either ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ or ‘I prefer not to answer at this time’
  5. If you selected ‘Yes,’ you will be brought to the ‘Authorization of Disclosure to Other Parties at the Institution’ page
  6. Select the parties you wish to get notice of your Indigenous self-identification
  7. Click ‘Submit’