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Indigenous Identity at Laurier 

As an Indigenous student, you have the option to opt into the services and programs provided to you. There are two ways to engage with Indigenous student support here at Laurier. Both options help our team know who is in our Indigenous student community and ensure we run programs to meet your needs. Learn more below about the volunteer self-id and verified identity processes:

Voluntary Self Identification

Voluntary self-identification allows you to declare that you have an Indigenous background, heritage, or ancestry – First Nations (status or non-status), Inuit, or Métis. To self-identify, complete Laurier’s self-ID form on LORIS because your Indigenous self-identification on your OUAC application does not transfer. When you do complete your self identity form on LORIS you can control which departments receive notice of your self-identification. Departments that can request this information include the Financial Aid Office, the Indigenous Student Centre, Indigenous Student Groups, and Student Services. 

Benefits of Self-Identification: 

Self-identification connects you with Laurier’s Indigenous community. Once you self-identify, you'll start receiving communications from ISS about cultural, social, wellness, and academic programs and events in our space. Self-identification keeps you informed about Indigenous student experiences. 

How to Self-Identify: 

  1. Log in to LORIS. 
  2. Select Personal Information from the top tab options. 
  3. Choose Voluntary Indigenous Status Declaration. 
  4. Select either Yes, No, or I prefer not to answer at this time. 
  5. If you select Yes, you will be brought to the “Authorization of Disclosure to Other Parties at the Institution” page. 
  6. Select the parties you wish to notify of your Indigenous self-identification. 
  7. Click Submit. 

Indigenous Identity Verification Process 

The Indigenous Identity Verification Process was created through the guidance of the Office of Indigenous Initiatives to ensure that opportunities designated for Indigenous peoples are awarded to those they are intended for. Verified identity is a separate process from self-identification. 

Benefits of Identity Verification: 

Students who complete the verification process are eligible for Indigenous designations in the following areas: 

  • Admissions policies
  • Scholarships, awards, and bursaries 
  • Employment opportunities 
  • Indigenous Graduation stole that can be worn at convocation. 

How to Complete Identity Verification: 

Students completing this process must fill out the Indigenous Identity Verification form. There are two options for confirming identity: 

  • Written Documentation
  • Candidate Self Declaration 

For more information on the verification process, check out OII’s Information page or email