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Academic Success

Moving from high school to an academic university environment and/or moving countries can be challenging for many students. In order to help you with academic challenges and success, the International Student Support team will assist you with academic cultural transitions, understanding the complexity of navigating new academic systems, and university processes and expectations.


Laurier International’s Speak program is like an impromptu coffee club. This is an opportunity for you to learn about Canadian culture and share experiences from your home country in a relaxed and informal setting. It’s also a great chance to make new friends at Laurier and drink free coffee! The Speak sessions run throughout the year with dates added to your weekly Laurier International email.

Students that attend a total of 10 sessions will get a designation on their co-curricular record.

You don’t need to register for these sessions. Simply show up at Laurier International on the days when sessions are being held and be prepared to chat!

International Student Academic Transition (ISAT) Program

The ISAT program is a series of workshops designed by Laurier International to help international students adapt to academics at a Canadian university. From previous advising sessions, we identified common challenges that international students encounter. Using this feedback, we created workshops focusing on the following to get you back on track: notetaking, reading and group work.

The ISAT workshops will be held several times throughout the year. In order to make attending the workshops as convenient as possible, you're able to pick and choose the workshop(s) that you'd like to attend throughout the year.


In order to be eligible for the program you must be:

  • A registered international undergraduate degree-seeking student looking for support through your academic transition; and 
  • A student who has first-year status (including students who are on academic probation after first year).


  • Quicker understanding of university requirements to ensure your academic success.
  • Easier adaptation to cultural differences from an academic perspective.
  • Receive personalized advice and support.
  • Meet like-minded international students within your academic program and from other programs.
  • Become aware of the many academic support services available on campus.
  • Opportunity to earn a minimum $200 bursary.
  • Certificate of achievement.

For more information, contact Mike Aguiar, International Student Academic Transition Advisor.

First-Language Tutoring

This program on the Waterloo campus only offers business and economics course tutoring for first-year students who could benefit from tutoring in their first language. The volunteer tutors are paired with students based on the courses they specialize in, the language they speak other than English, and their availability. This service gives students the opportunity to receive tutoring with a small group in which individuals can receive more personalized attention than in the classroom and with students that can help overcome the language barriers present.