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Career Success

International Student Support works closely with the Career Centre to help you develop the knowledge, skills and support necessary to establish a career in Canada and around the world.

We work directly with the Career Consultant for international students in the Career Centre to ensure that your needs are being met in terms of providing appropriate preparation for the Canadian workplace, developing networks for support in career planning and job searches, and updating students and staff and legislative changes regarding on-campus, off-campus, and post-graduate work authorizations.

International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP)

In collaboration with the Career Centre, we provide an on-campus work experience program for international students at the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. The ISWEP creates opportunities for you to gain work experience while completing your degree at Laurier and gives you the chance to add a global perspective to the work culture on campus.

Career Consultant: International Programs

International Student Services funds the International Career Consultant position. This position supports the International Student Work Experience Program. The Career Consultant can also help you with all areas of your career management, including searching and applying for work, preparing for interviews and training on Canadian workplace culture.

International Student Leadership Program

The International Student Leadership Program (ISLP) on the Waterloo campus is designed to help students develop leadership skills and competencies to be productive and personable leaders and mentors at Laurier. As a new initiative, it aims to foster leadership among the international student body and infuse the campus community with multicultural understanding, introspection, and communication.

The ISLP develops leadership skills for both the international students that benefit from this programming and the student leaders, ultimately creating a culturally diverse and aware community for Laurier’s entire student body.