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Services and Amenities

Bedding Packages

Each bedroom/dorm comes equipped with a bed frame, mattress, desk, chair, closet or dresser, wastebasket and recycling bin.

If you want to purchase linens for your bed, Laurier has a partnership with Residence Linens, a company that will deliver coordinated bedding packages when you move in.

Internet Service

Wireless internet is provided in all residence buildings.

Technical Support

For technical support wiht internet issues, refer to the following resources based on your residence.

Cloud Wifi

Residences: King's Court, 60 University St Apartments, Expositor Place, Grand River Hall, Lucy Marco Place, Post House and Wilkes House

T: 519.957.1942 (24/7 support)
E: (24/7 support)
Online request: (24/7 support)

TriCity Wifi

Residences: Marshall St Apartments, 260 Regina St Apartments and 32 University Ave Apartments

Text: 519.722.9434 (24/7 support)
T: 519.804.4048 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
E: (24/7 support)

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are available throughout all residence buildings. The university is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing. Your don will provide you with an orientation to these common areas in September.

The cost of operating the laundry machines in university-owned buildings have been incorporated into your residence fees.

Laundry fees have not been included in residence fees for those students that reside in leased residence buildings. Machines located in these buildings are coin and/or card operated. Leased buildings include 260 Regina St Apartments, 32 University Ave Apartments, 50 Marshall St Apartments, 60 University Ave Apartments, Expositor Place, King's Court, and University Place.

Regina Residence students will have access to laundry facilities at King Street Residence.

Mail Service

Mail is delivered daily, Monday through Friday, to all residence buildings. Each mailbox is shared by two or more students. 

Learn more about where you can pick up your mail and your mailing address.

Refrigerator Rental

Coldex is a privately operated firm that, in affiliation with Laurier, provides you with the option of renting a small refrigerator for your residence room.

Coldex fridges will be delivered and placed directly into student residence rooms for orders placed with Coldex by Saturday August 29th.

For orders that are submitted after August 29th, students will be required to meet the Coldex delivery truck on campus to pick up their fridge. Coldex will contact the student directly regarding delivery and pick-up.

Telephone Service

Telephone service is not provided in your residence room. It is strongly recommended that you consider using a cell phone, and you are encouraged to carefully review your phone service options once you arrive on campus to avoid any unnecessary roaming charges.

Telephone service of some kind is mandatory for all Laurier residence students. You are expected to provide your telephone number when completing the online Medical and Emergency Information Form.